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Retba Body Oil

Stay moisturized all day long while smelling like a million bucks! Get our all-natural Kilali Skin body oil made with Jojoba Oil, Apricot Oil, Olive Oil, and Fragrance to lock in moisture, promote radiance, nourish and strengthen the skin.

Fragrance: a blend of bergamot, blackberry, raspberry, peony, and honeysuckle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Heaven on earth!!

When I tried this oil on at the Women’s Expo in Dallas….. I could NOT stop smelling myself. Literally! Walked through the whole expo and all I kept saying and thinking was damn I smell good! Lol this oil is everything! It feels amazing smells amazing and it boost my confidence can’t even lie. 1000/10 top tier for sure!! I’ll be ordering this oil on a regular. Deep in love with this oil lol.

Traci Watson
5 stars

This is my third bottle of your oil and I love it so much! I seen you guys on a side street out there near Frenchy’s Chicken. I look for you guys every time I come to visit from the bay area (SF) to Houston where my family lives I grew up in South Park. But yes I love this oil I accidentally bought a small one on my last purchase but I was careful this time. I buy a little small container atomizer and put some in there and whenever I let someone use it they love your oil! Keep up the good work on your product.
Traci Watson 415 261-2944

Paula E.
Smells delightful

This I literally one of my favs for sure 😍😍

Ummmm yes

So just buy this and thank me later. It is without a doubt the best body oil that you’ll want to use no matter the occasion, but especially when you want a little spice. Keeps the ash away well too!

Hope Grant
Retbaaaaaaaa!!! Amazing Scent

I first picked this up at The Black Shoppe in Houston. My cousin and I both got a bottle. I feel so sexy and sensual wearing this and my husband would agree. My cousin even got me a re up as this is so amazing! Thanks girl